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Research Article: Khan AA, Sundar P, Natarajan B, Gupta V, Arige V, Reddy SS, Barthwal MK, Mahapatra NR. 2021.  An evolutionarily-conserved promoter allele governs HMG-CoA reductase expression in spontaneously hypertensive rat. J Mol Cell Cardiol 158:140-152.

News Article: Battling high blood pressure in the COVID-19 era

Research Article: Subramanian L, Maghajothi S, Singh M, Kesh K, Kalyani A, Sharma S, Khullar M, Victor SM, Swarnakar S, Asthana S, Mullasari AS, Mahapatra NR. 2019. A Common Tag Nucleotide Variant in MMP7 Promoter Increases Risk for Hypertension via Enhanced Interactions With CREB (Cyclic AMP Response Element-Binding Protein) Transcription Factor. Hypertension 74:1448-1459.;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Research Article:  Subramanian L, Khan AA, Allu PKR, Kiranmayi M, Sahu BS, Sharma S, Khullar M, Mullasari AS, Mahapatra NR. 2017. A haplotype variant of the human chromogranin A gene (CHGA) promoter increases CHGA expression and the risk for cardiometabolic disorders.

J Biol Chem 292:13970-13985.

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Research Article: Sahu BS, Obbineni JM, Sahu G, Allu PKR,  Subramanian L, Sonawane PJ, Singh PK, SasiBK, Senapati S, Maji SK, Bera AK, Gomathi BS, Mullasari AS, Mahapatra NR. 2012. Functional genetic variants of the catecholamine-release-inhibitory peptide catestatin in an Indian population: allele-specific effects on metabolic traits. J Biol Chem 287: 43840-43852

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Research Article: Abdul Khaliq R, Sonawane PJ, Sasi BK, Sahu BS, Pradeep T, Das SK, Mahapatra NR. 2010. Enhancement in the efficiency of polymerase chain reaction by TiO2 nanoparticles: crucial role of enhanced thermal conductivity. Nanotechnology 21: 255704 (1-11).

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